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Life Between Lives

To schedule your Past Life or Life Between Lives hypnotherapy appointment: Contact Linda Gabriel

Linda Gabriel & Michael Newton Life Between Lives

Linda Gabriel with Michael Newton in 2001 at the first LBL Certification Training, Virginia Beach

A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1992, Linda Gabriel was in the first group of Life Between Lives hypnotherapists certified and trained in 2001 by Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of Journey of Souls. She is a long-standing member of the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy and has been a teaching assistant for the Institute’s LBL Certification training.

Linda and several of her LBL clients were featured in the best-selling DVD Spirit Space: A Journey into Your Consciousness. Linda has extensive experience assisting people to connect with their highest Truth and soul purpose. She creates a safe and sacred space for personal transformation and growth.

Linda Gabriel maintains a private practice in Los Angeles and travels to the Big Island of Hawaii at least once a year.

“My life is stupendous since our session… peace and blessings to you.”
~ Belle Zwerdling

To schedule your Past Life or Life Between Lives hypnotherapy appointment: Contact Linda Gabriel

What is Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy?

Also known as Spiritual Regression, Life Between Life Hypnotherapy – or LBL for short – is based on the groundbreaking work of Michael Newton, Ph.D. Your LBL session focuses on the what your soul experiences between lives – what some call the “Spirit World.” Here you experience yourself not as an ego or a body, but as an immortal soul. We are often able to learn a great deal about your soul history as well as your soul purpose in your current life.

How is Life Between Lives different from a Past Life Regression?

Most people are familiar with the concept of past life regression hypnosis. Your Life Between Life hypnosis session usually includes an abbreviated past life regression, but that’s only the beginning of your soul journey. Together we will travel beyond the death of the physical body into the Spirit World where your soul dwells between lives, specifically to the time before your soul chose to come into your current life. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your personal Spirit Guide, your Primary Soul Group, and what many people call the “Council of Elders.”

Will I be able to remember what happens during my session?

Most people do. You will be given a hypnotic suggestion that you will remember everything that’s important to remember. Your session is recorded and I take comprehensive notes.  My clients often report receiving even more insight in the days and weeks following their LBL session so you may find it useful to keep a journal during this time.

Why does a Life Between Lives session last 3-4 hours?

There are 3 primary reasons:

1. We’ll spend about an hour getting to know each other and have a conversation about what is going on in your current life. We’ll also discuss your intention for your LBL session. We’ll discuss what you are hoping to learn and go over your list of questions for your Guide. I’ll also talk to you about the nature of hypnosis, memory and what to expect from your Life Between Life experience.

2. There’s simply a lot of ground to explore in the Spirit World!

3. During your LBL session it’s not enough to simply recover subconscious memory. You’ll need the insight of your Superconcious Self to integrate all that you have remembered. Accessing this higher level of understanding often (but not always) requires a deeper state of hypnosis which can sometimes take a bit longer to achieve.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. Previous experience with hypnosis and at least one past life regression are strongly advised. I have my clients listen to a Pre-LBL hypnosis recording and there is a bit of written “homework” I’ll ask you to bring with you to your Life Between Lives session.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a Life Between Lives session is $450.
The fee for a Past Life Regression session is $400.

For more information or to schedule your Life Between Lives Hypynotherapy session: Contact Linda Gabriel

“Though my meetings with your were brief and so long ago, the impact continues to persist! Thanks for touching my soul!”
~ Mary Kay Kinsella